• The New Guy Sticks It To Buffalo

    by Tyler Dellow • May 31, 2009 • Uncategorized • 4 Comments

    This, from Pat Quinn speaking to Terry Jones:

    “When I lost my job in Toronto, it was my seventh year. In the time I was there, we’d played the second-most playoff games of any team in the league. Then we miss the playoffs by one point and I lose my job. I had one job offer three weeks after I was fired. Then nothing. I look around and it’s funny. Some places you get some extra time. Some guys miss playoffs five of seven years and are still working.”

    The only coach who fits that description is Lindy Ruff. I’m pretty ambivalent on Quinn’s hiring – I’m not sold that’s he a great hockey coach or anything and I don’t think he deserves the credit he gets for turning franchises around (more on that to come) but I think he’s qualified. Assuming that he’s speaking about Lindy Ruff there though, I’m somewhat surprised that he doesn’t appreciate the fact that while he and the Maple Leafs were spending $60MM annually to make the second road most years, Ruff and the Sabres weren’t and that Ruff seems to have a considerably better record with fewer resources at his disposal.

    Of note: Quinn’s first full season coaching the Canucks came after a season in which they’d finished 20th in the NHL in shooting percentage and 21st in save percentage. His first season coaching the Leafs came after a season in which they’d finished 23rd out of 26 in shooting percentage and 17th out of 26 in save percentage. Last year’s Oilers were 7th and 12th in those categories, respectively. The real problem that the Oilers have is not getting enough shots on goal and allowing too many. Quinn’s notable past succeses haven’t had that issue.

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    1. Traktor
      June 1, 2009 at

      “The real problem that the Oilers have is not getting enough shots on goal and allowing too many.”

      The odd thing is a couple times when Edmonton peppered the opposition with shots and ended up losing the game MacTavish bitched about shot selection.

      What a complete drag he would’ve been to play for.

    2. RiversQ
      June 1, 2009 at

      Oh yeah, I’m sure MacT complained about outshooting all the time. Come on Traktor.

      Anyway, yeah I’m in agreement on Quinn. He’ll fiddle around the edges and hopefully get more out of the PP but I agree with Vic’s comments elsewhere in that he’ll also massively expose some of these young players and it’s hard to say how that will shake out. Hopefully Gagner and Cogliano are ready this time around.

      I’m going to predict we get one “Tom Poti” this year and another “Dustin Penner.” Quinn will have his whipping boy and the fans will have one too and neither will finish the year. And that won’t necessarily be a bad thing, but it won’t be boring.

    3. P-Ow
      June 3, 2009 at

      A bit late on this, but I think you missed the fact that that is an obvious reference by Quinn to Craig MacTavish missing the playoffs 5 of his past 7 years. That’s how I read it when I saw it, anyways.

    4. mc79hockey
      June 3, 2009 at

      Except MacT doesn’t have a job. Plus it’d be weird for him to be taking shots at the Oilers, given that they just gave him a job.

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