• Colorado at Minnesota: The Dismantling

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    I’m missing a lot of the Chicago-St. Louis series because there always seems to be something compelling on going while they play. Last night it was Colorado going in to Minnesota and getting torn apart in a game that wasn’t nearly as close as Minnesota’s 1-0 OT win would suggest.

    It’s no secret that the Avs are one of three teams in the playoffs that have a real paper tiger feel to them, in the sense that they had great regular seasons but don’t actually seem to be that good, along with Pittsburgh and Anaheim. Colorado came back again in Game 1 of their series with Minnesota and stole one in OT. They played the Wild fairly close in Colorado, getting out-Corsid 91-81 before getting caved in last night with Minnesota winning the Corsis 59-26.

    I thought it’d be kind of cool to take a look at how Colorado’s lines did in the first two games versus last night. It’s revealing.

    Landeskog/Stastny basically had the same results. MacKinnon did a lot worse but if you look over the the results, it appears to me that he likely had a shift with Jamie McGinn and Maxime Talbot in there in which the three of them got slaughtered. On the whole, L1 looks to have been about the same.

    The Avs’ second line though…woof. Parenteau/O’Reilly/McGinn did great possession wise in Colorado and then got put on the rack last night. The third line moved from terrible to atrocious. The fourth line is basically irrelevant because Roy doesn’t really play them. A quick look at how the matchups changed might provide us with some insight into why lines two and three got smoked in Minnesota last night. These tables are the percentage of a players’s 5v5 TOI played against Player X in the home games and then last night.

    (You can click on the tables to see them in bigger forms.)

    I think it’s fair to say that the ice time got a lot rougher for lines two and three when the series shifted to Minnesota. So long Kyle Brodziak, hello Mikko Koivu and Zach Parise. We don’t have a really good grasp yet of how matchups play out, in terms of the benefit/cost from changing certain matchups but Colorado’s second/third lines got run over when facing the better players. Landeskog’s line wasn’t able to make it up. If it happens again on Thursday, I’d expect that this series will be tied 2-2 by the time that game ends.

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    2 Responses to Colorado at Minnesota: The Dismantling

    1. Kris
      April 22, 2014 at

      Keep in mind that Pittsburgh is FINALLY healthy and aren’t playing a bunch of AHLers anymore. As such the team possession numbers seem to be improving (at least they have over 3 games vs CBJ).

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