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    7 Responses to A Good Spring

    1. waller
      March 5, 2014 at

      Wow. I feel like I just lost a loved one.

      • Artie
        March 5, 2014 at

        A GREAT sportsman and a very skilled player. Never afraid and usually played his heart out. Will be missed IMO.

    2. Mark
      March 5, 2014 at


    3. Romulus' Apotheosis
      March 5, 2014 at

      Too many feelings looking over these pics.

      What a run.

    4. March 5, 2014 at

      That run brings back so many memories. It was my second to last spring in Edmonton before leaving to Onterrible, and I managed to see a game from every series, including that legendary game 6 against Detroit. I bought a jersey that night, the first (and only) jersey I have ever owned as an adult. Wore it last night as a tribute (I rarely put it on when I am at home). Was thrilling to see some of his old magic one last time.

      Hemsky deserved a better fate. I wish him well.

    5. Craig Husselby
      March 8, 2014 at

      Hemsky was the first player in my “grown up” hockey life that got me excited when he turned up ice and started to skate. The play developed on his stick so often.

      From the time he started with the Oilers you would hear “he’s gotta shoot more” or “stop turning the puck over”. That slowly changed into the “soft” reference and “last on, first off” that the Edmonton media would beat to death.

      These pictures remind me of why he’s one of my favorite players. It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

      To all the assholes who are glad to see him go, the team tht the Oilers have on the ice right now, is the team your deserve. To all who found it easiest to scapegoat and jump on the “Hemsky is the problem” bandwagon, I hope you’re happy.

      I sure hope this team doesn’t become what pylons like Spector want it to be. If that’s the case, we’ll be watching a losing franchise talking about the glory days in Rebuild VI.

      I hate this saying, because I am a fan that (in my opinion) doesn’t deserve to be grouped with these fucking muppets, but by and large “Oilers Fans Derserve The Oilers”.

      Thanks for the great memories Ales!

    6. Luz
      May 7, 2014 at

      I don’t know any of the subjects of your prtioarts, I’m just a fan of your work .My first vote would have to go to #17, Cherries.And the second vote (facebook fan) #39, the Tent Shot.Looking forward to seeing the winners!

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