• Isles In Position To Refund Season Ticket Holders?

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    John Tavares will miss the rest of the season and Garth Snow is mad about it.

    Fortunately, the IOC is going to pay for Tavares’ injury! From the New York Daily News:

    According to a spokesman from the NHL players association, nothing changes for an injured Olympic player from a salary front. For the team, his salary is covered by the insurance coverage that was paid for by IOC. If players need surgery – like Tavares most certainly will – the spokesman said he’d imagine that it would fall under insurance as well, which the IOC would cover.

    Given that the financial impact to the Isles of the Tavares injury seems likely to be limited – anyone coming to see them was coming to see a team that’s out of the playoffs anyway, so it’s not like Tavares being out changes things that much – the marginal impact on walk-up sales is probably negligible. They were going to have to pay Tavares anyway. They’ll call up some guy now making $600K or whatever from the minor leagues but that’s a pretty negligible impact.

    In fact, in the big picture, Tavares being injured might even improve the Islanders financial health in the long term. The Isles are in a four team group that’s kind of fighting for the second through fifth draft picks. The Isles are currently in the five hole. This probably improves their chances of getting a better player and benefitting financially in the future.

    Given that, the money that the Isles will receive from the IOC’s insurer seems like a windfall to me. We don’t know the precise terms of the insurance policy but it wouldn’t surprise me if the NHL’s deal was that teams would be made fully whole for any time missed or the deductible was otherwise minimal. So if the Islanders are going to receive a windfall and are worried about the impact to their season ticket holders, it seems pretty easy to me to just divide up the money and offer the season ticket holders a credit.

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    6 Responses to Isles In Position To Refund Season Ticket Holders?

    1. godot10
      February 21, 2014 at

      I think the Islanders 1st round draft pick belongs to Buffalo because of the Vanek deal. They have the option of switching it to next year, but next year is the McDavid draft, and every non-playoff team next year has a lottery ticket.

      • dawgbone
        February 24, 2014 at

        The Isles can defer the pick if it is in the top 10.

    2. B. Miller
      February 21, 2014 at

      I think you missed the point of Garth Snow’s rant. He asked if the IOC would reimburse the SEASON TICKET HOLDERS. Assuming the reason he indicated this is because season ticket holders purchase said season tickets to watch the best possible product on the ice (John Tavares). Now that he is out, Islander season ticket holders are therefore paying for an unwanted product. Yes, there is the understanding a player like Tavares could get hurt in the NHL season, but the pill is much easier to swallow when he is trying to help the Islanders, and not team Canada (who most Islander fans probably aren’t a fan of – especially after today).

      • Mike
        February 24, 2014 at

        Maybe Snow should be thinking about reimbursement of the season ticket holders from his own pocket given the quality of team he has iced over the past few years.

    3. Lance
      February 21, 2014 at

      The islanders are notorious for whining. No one on the island will miss a beAt because Tavares is out. The reality is KO will be exposed as the marginal player he is and the whining about him. Of making the USA team will stop.

    4. ziggy mehta
      February 21, 2014 at

      If hockey fans (throughout N. America, not just on Long Island) keep coming back in droves after . . . .

      (a) three lockouts in 20 years
      (b) Brittanie Cecil nets in back of the goals
      (c) day-glo, back-lit advertising on the boards near the player benches

      . . . . then they’re not a serious threat to turf their 2014-15 season seat subscription invoices because one star player missed a few months. NHL fans are like toilets: their job is to keep taking (Gary Bettman’s) sh_t, ad infinitum. And they do that job very well.

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