• Why Are They Dumping This Guy?

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    The Oilers are virtually certain to trade Ales Hemsky by the trade deadline according to the credible in the know types that I listen to. I’m doing a project on Taylor Hall right now and this little scene flitted across my screen.

    Heckuva play to get the puck out of trouble and going the right way. To my eye, the Oilers need more guys like this, not fewer of them. I’m going to write about Hemsky at some length as the trade deadline gets closer but the short version is that pretty much all that I can see different with him over the past three years as opposed to prior to the Injury Plague is that his on-ice S% is off. At least some of that can probably be attributed to linemates – Boyd Gordon is not going to score a lot of goals. Neither is Ryan Smyth at this point in his career.

    I hope that the Oilers have a) made a determination as to why his on-ice shooting percentage is down and b) that they’re correct in concluding that it’s age and miles. My default position is that I suspect that a canny team can get more out of him than the Oilers have over the past few years. If I’m right and Hemsky goes for a couple of wishes and a dream (and assuming he’d be amenable to re-signing at a reasonable figure), it’s going to be a Very Tambellini move.

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    7 Responses to Why Are They Dumping This Guy?

    1. K-Fed
      January 31, 2014 at

      A worse than Tambellini move. Even Tambo had the sense to sign him.

    2. JonB
      January 31, 2014 at

      Yeah Tambo signed him to a deal that arguably turned out bad for both sides. Oilers got a terribly inefficient contract and Hemsky (based on the UFA crop that year) left arguably million on the table that he is not likely to gain back this summer

      The issue is how do you price durability concerns. One thing the NFL learned post cap world is to move on quickly from players with durability concerns or at least sign them at a deep discount.

      What discount do you place on Hemsky? Especially since you are now dealing with what looks like permanent offensive decline

      It’s has to be difficult to price him when his agent knows there will be at least one team who will value him based on an 82 games season

      If you’re Hemsky and the Oilers offer you 2.75 per for the next 2 years do you jump at it? Can’t imagine his agent isn’t still steaming about the opportunity lost two years ago and wants to get to July 1st and wait for an overpay

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    4. godot10
      February 2, 2014 at

      Salary, and to a lesser degree term. i.e. Cap management.

      Hemsky will want at least 2nd line RW money on a medium term deal. Hall, Eberle, Perron, Yakupov…five players into 4 slots.

      A short term deal is not an option for Hemsky in Edmonton, because it will not change how the rest of the world looks at him.

      He can take a short term deal elsewhere, because he can reestablish his value in the eyes of the rest of the world in another organization.

    5. Benhur
      February 3, 2014 at

      Love Hemmers skill and he can and does dance that puck out of trouble…he is a magician. He needs to play with the right group to perform well…and he will! Oilers are not a fit for him anymore unless they trade a skilled right winger and get hemmer back on the top two lines. But they need to trade him and unless there is a couple of GMs that want him badly the il will only get back minimal value. I can’t see Hemmer signing with Edmonton so MacT is forced to deal him and the other GMs are aware of this. The trade deadline is probably going to be the best opportunity to deal him as someone may be desperate to build a SC contender. We’ll probably get back a prospect as thet will not tear their team down to acquire Hemmer unless they have some quality spare pieces that the Oil need…such as D.

    6. Scott Meister
      February 6, 2014 at

      Re: Gagner to Kings

      We could have had Luongo for Gagner and a pick. Great move letting that one go, now LA is going to only offer more draft picks that we can’t develop

    7. dave
      February 6, 2014 at

      There is no doubt Gagner is the worst center in the NHL. How oilers Management could give him a contract worth 4.8 million per year and keep their jobs will always be a mystery to anyone who knows hockey.

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