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    Terry Jones:

    It’s almost impossible to not interpret this as a player with the worst plus-minus in the NHL — whose defensive play is one of the biggest reasons the team is off to such a shameful start — showing an almost unprecedented sense of entitlement.

    It turns out you can check this in like three minutes. Overall, the Oilers are 30th in 5v5 GA/60. When Yakupov isn’t on the ice, they rise all the way up to 29th in the NHL. Just like the 1995 New Jersey Devils!

    Also of note: when Sam Gagner’s on the ice at 5v5, the Oilers are allowing a smooth 5.77 GA/60 at 5v5. RNH is getting hammered to the tune of 4.28 5v5 GA/60. There are a lot of culprits here. Singling a guy out unfairly doesn’t really do much to build your case that he has a perverse case of entitlement.

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    8 Responses to Terry Jones and Yakupov

    1. Agustin
      November 13, 2013 at

      One would expect such brutal generalizations from fans who just want to write a rant on a blog. But to get such an uninformed piece of writing from one of the most veteran writers in the Edmonton media, and hockey in general is just a shame. If anything it just shows the double standard and the animosity against non canadians that some media have. Jusy look at Yakuvo’s media scrum yesterday how some guys were actually shouting at him when asking their questions, as if trying to scold a kid. So unprofessional.

    2. flyfish1168
      November 13, 2013 at

      Terry Jones is out of touch. If he thinks =/- is end all be all then he is even more out of touch. Flaws with this stat alone is misleading without the reviewing all the other advance stats.Terry should more better.

      If anything we can easily say he has written some the the most $hitty articles lately. Little thought or substance only his subjective opinion.

    3. Johnny
      November 13, 2013 at

      Terry is still mad that Eakins took his doughnuts away. He also can’t let go of the Yak experience he had at the World Juniors — the kid had the nerve to not completely understand what a dozen reporters were asking him — at the same time — in a foreign language. The nerve of that 19 year old!

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    4. GriffCity
      November 13, 2013 at

      Lets be honest though, Yakupov should never have said anything in the first place nor should have his agent. It not only looks bad from an organizational standpoint but it reflects poorly on Yakupov as well. Coming from someone who has watched every single game this season, I have to agree with some of Terry Jones’ comments. You dont publicly cry about ice time when your team is struggling, thats pure selfishness. I love yak and really really want to see him do well but he has been brutal this year, not only defensively but also offensively, turning the puck over, missing passes, fanning on shots. And while its fine to wait to pass judgement on a kid whos only had 65 games under his nhl belt, he should know better than to make it about him and his ice time. Terry Jones is right in that I feel Yak has some sense of entitlement without having the credentials to back it up. Long story short, Yakupov need to just keep his mouth shut and play better hockey. He will get as much ice as he can handle when that happens

    5. Tyler Dellow
      November 13, 2013 at

      I agree that Yakupov needs to shut up about it.

      That being said, he was in an awkward position once Larionov came out and talked. I didn’t think what he actually said was that bad when he spoke yesterday.

    6. Cynic
      November 15, 2013 at

      It’s also possible that Terry Jones is a know-nothing fat-ass who has spent 30 years riding the Boys on the Bus gravy train AND Nerdstats are a complete abortion.
      Both can be true at the same time.

    7. Bparsonsproject
      November 19, 2013 at

      I honestly stopped reading Jone’s article at that particular line… His writing is terrible I have no idea why/how he’s been a award winning journalist. The statement hammers home something completely untrue. The guy has got to give it up.

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