• Of Note: Eakins on Forecheck

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    There were two interesting moments towards the end of Eakins’ last press conference that I thought should be noted. The first was a sort of off the cuff remark made during a stream of consciousness about Mark Arcobello:

    EAKINS: “We got arguing about forechecks and stuff this morning with the coaches so when it came to the lines, I just threw the lines out how we had them last game and left it at that…”

    That led to an exchange with Bob Stauffer.

    STAUFFER: “You alluded to the forecheck. You wanted to play a puck pressure game. Your goaltender struggled early and you made some alterations defensively… ow that Devan’s back, can you return to a little bit more of a puck pursuit or puck pressure game, because you guys have got greater confidence maybe in what you’re seeing between the pipes?”

    EAKINS: “Yep, exactly. That’s exaclty where we were at this morning with more pressure on our normal forecheck, more pressure in our neutral zone. That’s where we’re going. We’re going to start getting our D more involved again in our forecheck, not just up the ice. We think now that we’re healthy, hopefully on all fronts if Justin’s ready, that we should be able to get to that game that we think we can play.”

    As I said in the last post, I’m hesitant to say that I see something without sitting down and running a lot of video and looking for something specific. There’s a lot of things going on in a hockey game and, the way my brain works anyway, I have to focus on specific things or else I just get an ongoing stream of different thoughts about things I see that might lead me to an incorrect conclusion.

    That being said, as I said in the last post, it’s seemed to me like the Oilers have just been inviting the pressure on and that’s a hell of a difficult way to win hockey games. Borderline impossible. It will be interesting to look for whether or not there’s more pressure tonight and whether they can out-Corsi Columbus with the score close.

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      November 19, 2013 at

      I think this might relate a bit to the ridiculous comment from last game where “Taylor Halls hit changed the game” obviously it didn’t, but it was a sign of a fore-check .

      Hall is most often the first guy up on the fore-check (Fastest winger and plays a lot). I haven’t seen him make body contact too often when perusing the puck into the O-zone. I am a big Hall fan and I don’t expect thunderous hits or anything but body contact is is needed for an effective fore-check.

      My point is….is Hall’s injury ( knee brace ) affecting his mental or physical ability to fore-check effectively ? . Makes things difficult when he is often 1st guy in.


    2. Marek
      November 19, 2013 at

      The last game that Archobello played, he fought through a check, dived at puck and sent it out of the defence zone. He also had a great touch pass to keep the cycle going in the offence zone.

      Statistically speaking, Archobello seems post strong numbers in face off and corsi. It has been stated that they need a bigger presence on the fourth line to cycle in opposing teams end and grind out some minutes. Archoebllo’s size does not fit the proposed need but his numbers do. Does smarts outweigh size?

      I would sell the van to fix a flat tire if the numbers said that was the right decision. Unfortunately, selling the van means that we are buying new and losing 1/2 the market value once you drive off the lot. We are four good tires away from driving into the second season.

      Also, great to read your posts. Your objectivity is a breath of fresh air in the land of hot heads and air that we’ve been listening to and reading for the last forever years.

      • dawgbone
        November 22, 2013 at

        The 4th line can’t get the puck into the other teams end to cycle in the first place.

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