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    I like Dallas Eakins as the head coach and I’m certain that he and Craig MacTavish will get the good ship Oiler turned around. Eakins has a track record of dealing with talented young players and turning them into talented NHLers. I am pretty sure that Yakupov will end up being a star in the NHL and that he’ll be better for having a coach who insists that he does the things that guys with his talent don’t always do.

    With that said, I don’t necessarily believe everything that Eakins tells the media.

    Young players are going to be young players and Yakupov’s not the first Oiler we’ve seen cheating for offence this year (which is what he’s doing when he lets Huberdeau go – watch his feet. The feet don’t lie.) If I was a coach or GM, I’d be less than forthright with media all of the time. That said, I’m not entirely sure that I believe that it was a coincidence that this Yakupov’s final shift of the evening beucase Eakins was just in the mood to run with eight forwards.

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    1. Jerry Seinfeld
      November 21, 2013 at

      The Oilers have started winning since Yakupov’s ice time increased. Is that statistically relevant? No. So let’s go back to corsi and playing Boyd Gordon for all those wins we’ve been racking up.

      Yakupov wanted more ice time because he realizes something stats guys don’t: he’s a winner. Let him play. Your line of thinking is what put guys like Yakupov on the bench and guys like Gordon on the ice. How did that work out for the Oilers? Now that Yalupov’s reins are off, he’s performing, and the Oilers are winning. As I stated in another post, you will probably note that “Yakupov’s numbers are better now”. Yes. They are. You don’t win because your analytics are good, your anayltics are good because you win.

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