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    I just want to flesh out a point that I made in the previous post very quickly about the prospect status of Colten Teubert. I give Robin Brownlee a fair degree of grief but he asked a very insightful question today:

    Q. Is Teubert somebody that your staff signed out and actively scouted or did he come up in the course of conversations with LA or was he targeted?

    A. Yeah. No, good question. That’s why you want your pro scouts to have the depth of knowledge of each organization, not just their current players, but their minor league players, their players playing college, draft picks that are unsigned…we knew once we got into discussions with LA that they’ve done a nice job of acquiring assets so a time comes like this where they think they need to add a piece, they’ve got the requisite assets to negotiate with something. We were aware of him, he’s played with Team Canada at a high level, he’s played with Jordan Eberle, he’s not fun to play against. We need a lot more of that.

    Call me cynical, but I’m not convinced that the Oilers know a lot about him beyond “First Round Draft Pick.” Terry Jones followed up with the infamous question about struggling and got this out of him:

    I know that he’s a young guy, I know that he’s played in positions Jonesy, in junior, that he’s been counted on for defensive purposes, he’s played PP. A lot of players, I think, they come with a lot of different areas of junior expertise or college expertise at that level but when they get to pro, they have to morph into what really is going to make them a good pro. I think his strengths are going to be one of compete. He has great leadership qualities, he’s a good person…predictable puck moving type of player. We don’t have a lot of that right now

    So I’m not entirely sure what that means either. It’s hard to tell very much about how guys are being used outside the NHL but something jumped out at me when I took a look: Teubert doesn’t look to be killing penalties all that often in the AHL. We don’t have access to ice time, so I checked how many PK events (PPGA and SHGF) the various Monarchs have been on the ice for and Teubert is sixth out of their defencemen in terms of PK events, with 4. Andrew Campbell (26), Thomas Hickey (21), Vyacheslav Voynov (13), David Kolomatis (8) and Jake Muzzin (7) all have more.

    This suggests that, at best, there are three guys on the Monarchs – none of whom are old guys – who were ahead of Teubert on the depth chart for PK, which is a bit troubling, considering that that’s supposed to be an area of strength. As has been pointed out elsewhere, defencemen taken around him are already in the NHL.

    It’s too early to know anything with this guy and I’m certainly not writing him off. Just once though, it’d be nice to get a return in one of these multi-asset deals that wasn’t some guy that was another team’s third or fourth best option.


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    1. March 1, 2011 at

      It’s a fucking terrible trade.

      The same as the Pronger deal was terrible and so was the Smyth trade.

      You know that old axiom about how whomever gets the best player always winds up winning the trade?

      Well, how about this one:

      anytime you trade a real player and get another team’s third or fourth best prospect back then you’ll lose that trade.

      and the Oilers are such suckers for first rounders or guys who played on Team Canada.

      perhaps we’ll turn on the TV tonight and Dale Craigwell will playing with Hall and Eberle.

      If we pick up young Voynov, then that moves it back a bit but with his numbers he has a chance to be top four D for sure.

      But we didn’t and we all know there’s very much such a thing as a shitty first round pick and we just got one.

      Burke picked up a first and third for Versteeg. We got the same thing plus Teubert.

    2. Darren
      March 1, 2011 at

      The thing that really gets me about Edmonton is the reaction to every move made by management. Pat talks about it alot on his blog, that everyone is always working so hard to justify each and every move, to give reason and support for making the moves. And sure, you can give reason and rationale to each move individually, but when you look at the big picture, it’s an abolute disgrace what Lowe and Tambo have done to this club.

      And yet, everyone still falls over themselves to defend them. Where is the accountability anways?

    3. March 1, 2011 at

      I found it amusing that at the end of the trade call, the LA assistant GM offered to handle the assignment papers. It’s like, “hey we’re ripping you off anyway, the least we can do is handle some paperwork.” I like to think that Tambo was really pleased when he found out about that.

    4. John
      March 1, 2011 at

      I love the comments Tambi made about being so informed on the players & prospects in L.A.’s system. Are these not pretty much the same scouts & management who undoubtedly did their due diligence & had depth of knowledge of P.O.S. when the Oilers agreed to aquire his contract a couple seasons ago? Nice work boys.

    5. The Other John
      March 1, 2011 at


      Rest assured Tuebert is their 7th best prospect, just their 4th best D prospect. See below:


      I was too scared to see if they had any goalie prospects, think I might have cried if I looked and they had a couple of prospects in top 8 or 10

      Hey MSM seriously understand you like the buffet but quit buying OIler drivel Lombardi got Penner for his playoff run for the 7th best prospect ( or worse) in deep Kings system and futures. Great deal FFS

    6. Mr DeBakey
      March 1, 2011 at

      Some thought on the last two posts:

      The Oilers gave up one 1st and two 2nds to get Penner. They had to give Anaheim’s 2nd to Long Island in exchange for their previously traded 3rd.

      I think this trade has really touched a nerve for two reasons:
      - It smells exactly like the Smyth trade. Its frickin groundhog day, the Oilers just traded Penner for Punxsutawney Phil.
      - Everyone now knows how long this rebuild thing is going to last. For fuckin’ ever. Even noted Company Man, John MacKinnon, wrote ”the Oilers’ future, however hazy and far away, is what the Penner deal was all about.”.

      Our friends in the paid media have been careful over the past year to not pin anyone down on the exact timeline.

      But now we know.
      Hazy and Far Away.

    7. Doogie2K
      March 1, 2011 at

      I was too scared to see if they had any goalie prospects, think I might have cried if I looked and they had a couple of prospects in top 8 or 10

      Martin Jones has been on fire all season (2.29/.924 as a rookie compared to 2.93/.902 for his backup) and stolen the #1 job in Manchester, so…yeah.

    8. dawgbone
      March 1, 2011 at

      Not to mention Bernier who is already in the Bigs.

    9. David Staples
      March 1, 2011 at

      Some folks are coming around on this trade on the day after. It`s just making me angrier.

      We got nothing — zilch — for a valuable NHLer.

      This argument that, well, he was going to leave, so we had to move him, is a non-starter.

      No one — maybe not even Penner — knows what he would have done on July 1. All the Oilers had to do was wait and see, and if he would not sign then for reasonable term and money, he could have been moved for a reasonable amount.

      As for Teubert, maybe he will be good, but the Oilers pro scouting (P.O.S., Pitkanen, Cole, Khabibulin, Fraser, Foster, Nilsson, O`Marra) is starting to scare me with it`s record of misfires. As good as MacGregor appears to be, these guys seem bad.

    10. dawgbone
      March 2, 2011 at

      In fairness to the pro scouts, they were fine on Pitkanen, Foster is pretty much what everyone expected (a decent 5/6 who can play the PP), and I’m pretty sure they didn’t even bother to scout Khabibulin.

      But yeah, the rest of that list isn’t so good.

    11. March 2, 2011 at

      So far the only compelling argument I’ve heard that this was a necessary move is that we basically have four guys who “need” to be in the top-six LW (Penner-Hall-Omark-MPS) and not enough slots for them. Yet I still can’t accept that, mostly because it instead betrays an appalling lack of foresight. How was it not obvious that this was going to be a problem going into the season? Didn’t everyone realize that Omark could potentially force his way into the NHL?

    12. dawgbone
      March 2, 2011 at

      It still doesn’t make any sense doogie because 2 of those guys are on their ELC and you can roll 3 quality lines because of that.

    13. FastOil
      March 2, 2011 at

      In a decade Lowe has learned (and Steve is right behind him) that pro athletes need a high level of “compete” to succeed because many of the players in the NHL are also skilled.

      Lots are also really big, even tough. Now they just have to figure out that size and mobility thing and we’re there – rebuild done in ten, definitely for sure.

      It’s must be harder to “GM” than it looks.

    14. NewAlgier
      March 2, 2011 at

      Off topic, but didn’t you talk about this earlier, Tyler? The NFL player’s union is planning to decertify next week.


    15. Tom Benjamin
      March 2, 2011 at

      I think Oiler fans are spending too much time tring to figure out the hockey elements of this trade when it was mostly a financial transaction. The Oilers save Penner’s salary this year and next. They also qualify for a lot more money under the escrow part of revenue sharing.

      The Kings got Penner. The Oilers got a middling prospect and two picks. Oiler fans get the results of a rebuild pushed a couple of years down the road.

      Katz gets about $10 MM. Who won the trade?

    16. Lee
      March 2, 2011 at

      From Dennis…”You know that old axiom about how whomever gets the best player always winds up winning the trade?”

      Not sure that always holds true? Colorado may have got the best player with Erik Johnson in their deal with St. Loo but I have to give the nod to St. Loo on the basis of them filling two needs with two solid players in Stewart and Shattenkirk.

    17. March 3, 2011 at

      It still doesn’t make any sense doogie because 2 of those guys are on their ELC and you can roll 3 quality lines because of that.

      That was my other argument. It’s not hard and fast that Line 3 has to be a muck and grind line, per se.

    18. stratedge
      July 2, 2013 at

      Ah yes, chock another one up for the Edmonton Oilers pro scouts. Those guys are on fire.

      • stratedge
        July 2, 2013 at

        chalk even

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