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    Dustin Penner:

    As you’ve seen from the beginning of the year compared to where we are now, even though we’re in 30th place, there’s a stat we heard that 24 games have been either a one-goal game or an empty-net situation. If we end up winning half of those, we’re in the playoff hunt.

    This must be on some sort of a script that Pat LaForge is circulating to the staff because I heard Bob Stauffer make the same point on Oilers Lunch yesterday. How is it wrong?

    1. The Oilers’ record in one goal/one goal + empty netter games is something like 10-16-8. If you strip out the OT/SO games, they’re 7-16 – their OT/SO record is 3-8. Even if they were at .500 in both types of games, so say 12-11 and 6-5, you’re talking about an extra 13 points.

    2. An extra 13 points would put the Oilers at 53 points, last in the Western Conference, and 8 points out of a playoff spot.

    3. I assume that when he says “If we end up winning half of those”, he’s talking about regulation wins, turning zero points into two. While he’s right about this, that would involve a record in these games of like 19-4, which nobody ever ends up producing without either being awesome and/or incredibly lucky.

    4. The Oilers goal differential is 29th in the NHL. They don’t lose a lot of one or one+ENG goal games because they’re unlucky; they’ve lost them because they’re terrible.

    There are reasons for hope in Edmonton. The volume of one goal losses isn’t really one of them.


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    1. February 9, 2011 at

      Well, there are always those 2 extra wins from the switch to Dubnyk. Sigh.

      Tyler, I remember a post of yours at one point which left me with the conclusion that it is a lot easier to bring an aspect of your team from complete shit to average than it is to improve from average to elite. At this point I can’t remember if that was the focus of your post or an offhand remark but if this rings any bells for you I think it would be a good time for Oiler fans to have a re-read.

    2. Mike W
      February 9, 2011 at

      Good god, the team and their media employees have resorted to peddling what-ifs now.

      How many times does a gong need to be hammered before the team’s management is held accountable for the pile of losses they’ve accumulated over the last 5 years?

    3. February 9, 2011 at

      “How many times does a gong need to be hammered before the team’s management is held accountable for the pile of losses they’ve accumulated over the last 5 years?”

      Judging by the Oilers’ past history, I’d say “never.”

    4. dls
      February 9, 2011 at

      Translation: “If only our goal differential were 1 goal per game better…”

    5. Hi. Disgusted.
      February 10, 2011 at

      I want to burn my sweater so much. I thought that with Ralph Krueger we would get a glimpse at the TAP OF ELITE TALENT at our disposal. Instead we get more of the same, but worse, as it’s clear that no one gives a shit about Ralph by the second goal against.

      Yeah, this is a waste of time. FUCCKKKK! I have been telling so many people, no it’s not, please just watch this one, etc., etc., but what a fucking lie that is.

      The forwards are young prima donas with shit to show for their struggles; the D is committed to a game that isn’t in synch with the goalie (specifically they are trained to block rebounds but hold the goalie responsible for the original shot) ………. fuck this team, fuck jordan eberle, fuck taylor hall, fuck …….. fuck devan dubnyk.

      Breaks my fuckin heart, but I’ve had enough. Tooooo many wasted hours watching these SHIT GAMES. Players who act like they are way better than their numbers. A team with elite talent acting like they know what to do with it. THEY DONT.

    6. The Other John
      February 10, 2011 at


      Can you quit it with the facts and reality. That shit ain’t gonna get season ticket renewals or pressure on YEG to build Katz a free arena.

      Was at game and the Oiler posted SOG was, ahem, generous in the extreme!! 4-5 non shots recorded

      Chicago has a superlative 1st line but I do not see them making any noise in playoffs……too thin up front

    7. February 10, 2011 at

      Almost four years now and that picture still hasn’t stopped being funny.

    8. February 10, 2011 at

      Yeah, that was meant to go somewhere other than where it did.

    9. February 10, 2011 at

      Not that this comes as any surprise, but the Oilers are dead last in the NHL in terms of winning in percentage once you strip out “one goal/one goal + empty netter games” (I’ve been keeping track of it on the sidebar at our site). Their winning percentage in one-goal games is .290 compared to .308 in games with a larger margin. So yeah, their problem is that they suck, not that they’ve been unlucky to lose a bunch of close ones.

    10. Vic Ferrari
      February 10, 2011 at

      Stauffer is just sad at this point, isn’t he? The needle on the credibility meter snapped off a while ago, broken by the zero pin. I keep thinking he’ll find some dignity and stop shilling idiotic ideas.

      We’ve reached the point where surely even Gene Principe finds it embarrassing. And I think we’ve got a ways to go yet. With Bob, we’re officially in “Next Stop, China!” country now.

      The Oilers may not be entertaining, but watching Stauffer douse himself in flammable stupid and light himself afire … it’s oddly compelling.

    11. Hambone
      February 12, 2011 at

      Tychkowski had a good column in the Sun about whether the losing culture has become ingrained on the Oilers. It was kind of chilling to read. There may be something to that, because of how willing the players and management are to treat a 30th place finish like business as usual. They say they have good young players coming up, but haven’t they been saying that since 1993 or so?

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