• Oil Change, Part II

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    I thought that the picture below might be of interest to people. It’s taken from last night’s episode of Oil Change, from a shot of a whiteboard covered with what appeared to be a depth chart. The guys putting the documentary together were pretty careful to avoid displaying anything on screen (or spoken) that might be controversial but I thought the bottom left hand corner was interesting for those who wonder about the goaltending pecking order.


    Other highlights:

    *A declaration that the 2010 Draft marked the real beginning of the Steve Tambellini era. This is, I believe, the Fourth Tambellini Dynasty

    *This was immediately followed by a scene with Tambellini reporting to Daryl Katz on some discussions that Kevin Lowe was having with Scott Howson. One would have thought the general manager would lead those discussions but who knows. Tambellini discusses a move that Howson has available to him – he can acquire someone from the Philadelphia Flyers for the fourth overall pick. They don’t want to say who they’re discussing, so they just loop some audio over his name. It’s hilariously obvious. Plus, when Katz follows it up by laughing that Howson won’t take on $5.5MM, you can be pretty certain he’s talking about Simon Gagne.

    *JJ Hebert refers to “Mr. Hall” and “Mr. Seguin.” I can’t tell if he was kidding, like how you might jocularly refer to a friend as “Mr. So and So” or if his job really requires that he address teenagers as “Mr.” God help him if it’s the latter.

    *The voiceover guy introducing the segment on July with “While most of Canada recreates…”

    *Renney talking to the kids at rookie camp: “There’s been a little bit of an entitlement impression here, at least. Entitlement means thinking that this is owed to you or that you’ve done your time, ‘Give me the prize, give me the cookie’ and it doesn’t work that way.”

    As funny as that was, it became a little bit funnier when you saw a discussion that occurred after or during a game between the Oilers and Coyotes on September 29, 2010. There are some shots of a big whiteboard in what appears to be the coaches’ room with a bunch of names on it.



    The observant will note that everyone with a red check mark next to their name was cut and everyone with a green check mark next to their name made the team. Probably the most interesting one there was Theo Peckham – there was a lot of discussion to the effect that guys like Richard Petiot and Shawn Belle had a shot to make it but, given this, one suspects that the decision was already made by that point. Given the complaints of Omark and Giroux, it’s perhaps noteworthy that the only forward of the thirteen who they’re currently carrying whose name you can’t see is Eberle – I doubt he hadn’t made the team at that point.

    While I don’t entirely understand why a team would look a training camp as an opportunity to seriously determine who should make the team – you should know enough to know what your team is going to be well in advance – I don’t really understand why teams run training camps the way that they do. I suppose they want Omark et al. to get some exposure to how the Oilers do things and you want them to think that they’ve got a chance to make it but I question how much a chance any of those guys really had. Maybe there’s no other way to do it but to lie to them and hope that they’ll lie to themselves but it seems a bit absurd, particularly when you’re talking about the end of entitlement and things being wide open.

    *Ales Hemsky is apparently coated in bubble wrap before being sent off to play hockey.


    *”Quit beaking off at the referees, quit beaking off at the linesmen…” – Dennis has cracked on this being a western expression before and Renney, a good western boy, is not exactly doing much to defeat that stereotype.

    *And, I’m paying for this documentary apparently – tax credits are involved. Do the Oilers pay for anything themselves? Dressing room upgrades funded with tax money, hagiography from the taxpayer…it’s always the taxpayer.


    25 Responses to Oil Change, Part II

    1. godot10
      October 21, 2010 at

      I think the production company is getting the tax credits, not the Oilers. They are not one and the same.

      The Oilers are probably doing “the reality show” pro bono, viewing it as a good promotional exercise.

      The production company is the same one who did the Olympic Team selection show for TSN.

    2. Tyler Dellow
      October 21, 2010 at

      Ah, you’re almost certainly right about that. Wasn’t thinking about that, although the Oilers and the production company have an exceedingly close relationship.

    3. Mike W
      October 21, 2010 at

      Everytime the word “rebuild” is used to describe the Oilers, I shudder. IT’S THE SAME MANAGEMENT AS BEFORE.

      And now they have effing cheerleaders?

      Sorry, I just.. I… [Mike leaves the room in disgust]

    4. October 22, 2010 at

      but I thought the bottom left hand corner was interesting for those who wonder about the goaltending pecking order.


      I… urgh.

      How many more Tambellini Dynasties do we have to go through before this idiot finally gets the walking papers he so rightfully deserves?

    5. Woodguy
      October 22, 2010 at

      I thought the biggest piece of comedy came on July one when they had a potential 3 way deal to get rid of Souray.

      The “brain trust” immediately gets on the flip chart and starts trying to figure out which team could be the 3rd team in the trade to take on a Dman with 5M salary (Rosival?)

      The biggest job they have to on July 1 is move Souray and they need to “suddenly brain storm” to figure out who needs a high price Dman?

      Jesus wept.

    6. Woodguy
      October 22, 2010 at

      *A declaration that the 2010 Draft marked the real beginning of the Steve Tambellini era. This is, I believe, the Fourth Tambellini Dynasty

      Archeologists in the future will characterize this dynasty by the move from the use of crystal and porcelain to paper plates and plastics since Katz is losing so much money on the Oilers.

      That’s if they can find any evidence of this dynasty in the rubble of Northlands Coliseum, which will probably be mistaken for a large bath house or minor temple compared to the ruin of the larger Katzatorium located a few miles to the southwest of the Northlands site.

      Archeologists will be further puzzled when the foundation of the Katzatorium is found to be made of the bones of the taxpayers. Perhaps a sacrifice some angry unknown god?

    7. Rick
      October 22, 2010 at

      There was a great shot of a computer screen, that when paused was clear as day, that showed both the depth chart and projected salaries for each guy. It was more telling than the white board shot you captured.

      It was interesting in that it confirmed your comment about the goaltenders in addition it had a discard pile at the top right hand corner with Moreau and those guys listed as well as Jacques. Further to that it had a million bucks tagged for a UFA enforcer (or atleast I asume it’s for an enforcer given where the player slotted on the chart)which gives credence to the rumour they were going after Boogaard and perhaps give MacIntyre reason to look around for a new agent.

      As for the so called debate about guys like Belle, Giroux and so on and using the chart as evidence, none of those guys had any check marks next to their names which should suggest that altough guys like Peckham had the clear inside track there was still decisions being made on possibly keeping maybe one of these other guys around in some capacity.

    8. Coach PB
      October 22, 2010 at


      Jeff Deslauriers is an asset.

    9. The Other John
      October 22, 2010 at

      The funniest thing I have read in awhile— Mike W line “IT’S THE SAME MANAGEMENT AS BEFORE.

      And now they have effing cheerleaders?”

      I actually have faith in Stu McGregor to identify and draft bona fide NHL prospects. I also have complete faith in Lowe, Tambi and Rick Olyczk to so severely screw up the Oilers salary cap that we will be trading away necessary players at the precise point in time McGregor has fully stocked the roster and we should be challenging for a deep run into the playoffs

    10. dawgbone
      October 22, 2010 at

      Jeff Deslauriers is an asset.

      Just not a positive one.

    11. Vic Ferrari
      October 22, 2010 at

      The cheerleader thing might be fun.

      My favourite all time internet hockey thread is from a NYI board. One of the posters had gone to Carolina to see an Isles game and ended up banging one of the ice girls. He picked her out of the calendar picture and described the hookup as ‘the proudest moment fo my life’. Seriously.

      I think the poster’s name was “Richie Dagger’s Crime”, though my memory should never be trusted. Google it yourself.

      Along the same line, every once in a while there is a rash of Facebook defriending on Hockey’s Future boards, on a team by team basis. The prospophiles get cut loose, and it hurts them. Pure Internet gold.

      I’d also recommend searching for Bryanbryoil/Rob Schremp posts. They’re beyond description. Sugartits’ advisors have probably already recommended a restraining order, I’m not sure that will help, though. I’m interested to see how this ends.

    12. October 22, 2010 at

      Vic: “ends”?

    13. speeds
      October 22, 2010 at

      Who is the Ryan on the far left of the 1st picture?

    14. speeds
      October 22, 2010 at

      I also thought it was kind of interesting to hear someone say, in the group meeting on July 1, something like (talking about Foster):

      “Well, if you’re losing a big shot, you’re gaining one.”

      Which possibly tells us they knew even back then there was no way Souray was coming back.

    15. Ribs
      October 22, 2010 at

      Martindale would likely be the Ryan. No clue why he’d even be on the board though.

    16. DSF
      October 23, 2010 at

      Katz bought Aquila Productions, the company that produced the documentary from founder Don Metz when he bought the team.

    17. Ribs
      October 23, 2010 at

      I’ve seen far, far, worse productions with the Albert Governments name on it. I approve.

    18. October 23, 2010 at

      Mike W: Don’t be a stranger, bud!:)

    19. October 23, 2010 at

      My guess for “the mystery Ryan” is Ryan Stone, but the position on the board is definitely an odd one. The other thought I had was that it might be Ryan Malone since it’s sort of in the same position as Souray, and that seems like a plausible deal.

      I found the musing about Eberle at the draft really interesting. Not enough information to know if the trade was Eberle + for Johansen or Eberle for Johansen straight up, but if Eberle doesn’t turn out to be really good they may well regret not taking the 4th OV for him at the draft.

    20. Rob D
      October 23, 2010 at


      The quality of your blog is declining. It’s become more of a soap box you preach from and belly ache the rest of the time.

      - You cover politics on a sports blog

      - you take every chance to dis the team you say you support

    21. Rob D
      October 23, 2010 at

      and Brian Burke would feel awfully inferior if he were standing in the same room as you, because he’d be the 2nd smartest man in the room for the first time!

    22. The Other John
      October 24, 2010 at

      Rob D

      When I quit liking a place, I quit going there. Feel free to follow that free advice….seriously!!

      Put another way, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out

    23. October 24, 2010 at

      Yeah, Tyler, don’t you understand that the litmus test for being an Oilers fan is your willingness to undyingly support each and every move Katz/Tambellini/Lowe make?

      There’s a reason Tambo’s gotten four dynasties – and it’s because he’s the Montreal Canadiens of NHL general managers.

    24. PunjabiOil
      October 24, 2010 at

      “Just not a positive one.”

      That would make him a liability, no?

    25. dawgbone
      October 25, 2010 at

      That would make him a liability, no?

      Going with the accounting term on that one…

      But yes.

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