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    The National Hockey League has disciplined the Toronto Maple Leafs for their handling of defenceman Jonas Frogren’s contract last summer.

    Sources say the Leafs have been fined $500,000 for paying Frogren a $755,000 signing bonus which violated the CBA. The Maple Leafs will also have to pay an additional penalty in the form of a draft pick.

    NHL deputy commissioner, Bill Daly, confirmed the sanctions to TSN.

    “We can confirm that the Toronto Maple Leafs have been sanctioned by the league for violations of league rules in connection with the club’s 2008 signing of Jonas Frogren, and that one aspect of the league-imposed discipline requires the forfeiture of the club’s fourth round draft pick in the 2009 Entry Draft (previously acquired from Tampa Bay). We have no further comment on the matter.”

    Per TSN

    Simply amazing that the NHL chose that draft pick to strip from the Leafs. Amazing.


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    1. April 1, 2009 at


      Well caught.

    2. April 1, 2009 at

      Wow. That’s amazing.

      I’m trying to decide if this kind of decision makes the NHL more bush league, or less.

    3. Joe
      April 2, 2009 at

      In what league do you EVER take away a draft pick that was traded for? You take away the team’s given draft pick, because that one was basically given for free, whereas a traded one, presumably, was acquired by giving something up. Obviously that isn’t really true in this case, but I’m surprised this isn’t prohibited somehow by the CBA or something. Even when the NFL took away a Pat’s draft pick for illegally videotaping other team’s sidelines, they took their given first rounder, not the really good first rounder acquired via trade.

    4. April 2, 2009 at

      @Joe: I assume their other 4th rounder was already dealt off. Either that, or they just took the TB one because it was higher.

    5. April 2, 2009 at

      Effectively this move serves to keep talent out of the NHL. There will be players this summer that would be willing to come to the league if their transfer can be organized. Since there is no transfer agreement, the only choice is to negotiate it individually. Of course if you do that you will lose a draft pick.

      Moves that keep talent out of the league make no sense.

    6. April 2, 2009 at

      @Joe and Doogie2k – the Leafs dealt their 4th round pick (along with a 1st and 2nd) to San Jose for Toskala and Mark Bell. I’ll pause here for the laughter to abate.

      As for Frogren, according to the Toronto Star (July 10, 2008) “The dispute boils down transition rules between successive collective bargaining agreements, including the interpretation of the 2005 CBA’s definition of a “free agent” contrasted with Frogren’s status as a “defected” player under the previous CBA. “Defected status” was his official listing, resulting from the fact he had been drafted by the Calgary Flames in 1998, but never came to the NHL.”

      Under the NHL’s interpretation, Frogren would be restricted to an entry level SPC. According to the Leafs’, NHLPA and Don Meehan’s interpretation, Frogren’s UFA status meant the Leafs could throw $2+M at him.

      Turns out, some eight or nine months later, the NHL’s interpretation won. Not sure who made the decision or how but the Leafs have to cough up a fourth round pick and $500K as a result.

    7. April 3, 2009 at

      So the Leafs wound up paying Heward, Kolzig, and a $500 K fine just for the right to pay Frogren? Nice move.

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