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    1. sacamano
      December 10, 2007 at

      I refuse to believe it.

      Plus, what were his number prior to the Olympics? What quality of teams did he face in his final 16 games?

    2. Oilman
      December 10, 2007 at

      From what I can recall, Salo was playing great leading into those olympics…he could probably be mentioned with the top 5 goalies in the game at that point, and he continued to play well after coming back….but his life pretty much went to shit after that goal. Death threats (from Swedes mind you), I believe his marriage fell apart, and I seem to recall some kind of child custody battle. I remember a quote from Pete Peters after Salo was traded saying something to the effect of he wanted Salo to adapt his style and he refused to be coached…said something like he was too old to learn new things now. Sounded like he just didn’t give a shit anymore…and he should never have played so many games in his final year here.

    3. Oilman
      December 10, 2007 at

      …and who the hell names their kid Peter Peters?

    4. December 10, 2007 at

      Someone with a cruel sense of humour. :)

    5. sacamano
      December 10, 2007 at

      Decidedly weak competition:
      1 team in the top 10
      4 teams in 10-20
      11 teams in 20-30.

    6. Dennis
      December 10, 2007 at

      I never did look up those numbers but I knew bloody well that Salo was awesome down the stretch once he came back from Belarus. Even though in his first game back he allowed a goal to the Preds Yachmenev that was as bad as the one everyone remembers internationally.

      That ’02 season was about the Oilers having a terrible time trying to score. I remember an shutout win in Van where Comrie scored on the PP and I remember thinking that it looked like no one else knew what to do in the O zone. Of course, Smyth was off to a great start before he got hurt that year but then came back early so he could be ready for the Olys and it looked like it was to his own detriment.

    7. sacamano
      December 10, 2007 at

      Plus. He was 9-6-1 not 9-5-2. And that extra loss makes all the difference.

      I wonder what other numbers we can’t trust around here . . .

    8. mc79hockey
      December 10, 2007 at

      I’ve backed off my position that global warming was a myth – why can’t you let me have 9-5-2?

    9. sacamano
      December 10, 2007 at

      Tricky use of the past tense to try and woo me — have you also backed off your position that it continues to be a myth?

      I’ll tell you what — I’ll let you have 9-5-2 if you promise to never post on this topic again so as to let me live the narrative as it is constructed in my memory.

    10. Bruce
      December 10, 2007 at

      I was at that Preds game immediately after the Olympics. One of the worst games I’ve ever seen, as the Preds trapped the Oilers (not to mention their fans) to sleep. Salo seived in about a 75-footer by Yachmenev (I believe you, Dennis) that tied the score early in the third; and then with Nashville seemingly hanging on for the loser point, got caught down and out and doing the breast stroke as Martin Erat took advantage of a team-wide brain cramp (including one by Salo) to steal the win with two minutes left in regulation.

      That was the year Oilers finished a mind-boggling second in the NHL in goals-against — behind only Colorado, ironically Tommy’s next and final NHL destination. Just 182 GA –imagine! But it still wasn’t good enough to make the playoffs.

      Wasn’t that the year the Oil had a 9-game winning streak down the stretch? Seemed like all the games were like 2-1. Came within two points of Vancouver in the end. But we never did make up for that loss to Nashville.

      Tommy had a pretty good year in ’01-02, but February was a write-off.

    11. Pat H
      December 10, 2007 at

      THANK you for that post. That was a myth that needed dispelling for some time.

    12. Dennis
      December 10, 2007 at

      Yeah, I remember watching that game on TV, Bruce. And though I’ve mentioned that Yachmenev goal many times, you’re the first person who also remembers it.

      I was one of the first people to say that Salo was done but I’ve always said that he played damn good down that ’02 stretch.

    13. December 12, 2007 at

      There’s an old post somewhere on my website where I rave about Salo’s post-Olympic performance. He was pretty much the only reason the Oilers were in the playoff fight that year. It was before the Olympics that he’d been a huge disappointment.

    14. Gamefreak
      December 12, 2007 at

      To further expand on your point, Colby:
      Prior to the Oilers’ game against Colorado on December 13/02, Salo’s stats for the 02-03 season at that point were a GAA of 2.04 and a save % of .921 (or .923 or .924, one of those). I don’t remember what his win/loss record was, but the team’s record to that point was 15-9-4-1 in 29 games, which is a decent sample size. I only remember it because I was a bit obsessed with viewing stats in those days and fervently wanted to believe Tommy was still a legitimate #1 goalie.
      You may remember that point in time as the infamous stretch of six straight games against divisional rivals. The Oilers did end up winning that first game against the Avalanche 4-3 in OT, but lost the rest. So, Dec 13/02, not Belarus, not Game 1 of the 02/03 season, was when Salo began his statistical downward spiral.

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