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    I was talking about Tom Gilbert with Dennis tonight and how amazing that it was that the Oilers got him for Tommy Salo. I knew that the Oilers got Salo for Mats Lindgren so I went and looked up the details of how they got Lindgren. That’s when I stumbled across just how valuable the 111th pick of the 1981 draft was to the Oilers. Check out the list at Oilfans.

    Listening to the local media start to spout the line about how Bergeron had been replaced on the PP, someone needs to point out just how historically bad Toby Petersen is on the PP. He’s terrible. Absolutely terrible. I’ve got a spreadsheet with the stats from 1997-98 to 2003-04. There were 608 guys who played at least 170 minutes of PP time over that span. 601 of them managed to top Petersen’s 1.06 PPP/60. The unlucky seven? Brett Clark, Ian Moran, Jason Smith, Ossi Vaananen, Chris Joseph, Serge Aubin and Niklas Hagman. The media should be calling out the use of Petersen on the PP, not saying “Well, Bergeron lost his spot so he’s expendable.”


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    1. February 21, 2007 at

      I was talking to my partner-in-crime Ender today, and he brought up (ex-Oiler) Martin Gelinas. I looked at his numbers: 3.16 PPP/H with limited ice time (2:30 PPTOI/G), and 2.05 ESP/H with 11:03 ESTOI/G. His ESP are third on the team after Jokinen and Horton, who average 2.54 and 2.60 ESP/H, respectively. Best of all, I can’t imagine he’d cost more than a mid-range pick, and since Lowe evidently isn’t interested in making a deal for the D, it’d be at least something to improve the team. Thoughts? Complaints? Flaws?

    2. February 21, 2007 at

      Oh, and I neglected to mention that Jokinen and Horton average 4:00 and 2:30 ESTOI/G more than Gelinas.

    3. PecaFan
      February 21, 2007 at

      Eh? You make it sound like Smith alone turned into Moreau, Gilbert, Torres, Winchester, Lupul, and Smid and the picks. Smith was only a small portion.

      In reality, the assets it took to acquire those players were Smith plus:

      a 6th round pick in ’94,
      an 8th in ’99,
      a 2nd in ’98,
      a 6th in 2005,
      a 2nd in 2003,
      and Lynch.

    4. February 22, 2007 at

      PecaFan, right, so that’s Smith, McAmmond, Marchment’s ghost, a pair of second round picks, some never-weres (as opposed to has-beens), and some picks that likely are never-weres as well. It still sounds like a pretty good long-term return to me (considering a year of Pronger came with the deal too).

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